Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fred Sanford lives here...

Daddy loved to collect stuff.  A lot.  They are in the house next door because he was a house flipper and renter, originally he was going to flip the house and rent it, but lucky me, he decided he'd live there instead.  I honestly don't know how many homes he owned and rented, but I do know he constantly collected things, "just in case" he needed them for a rental home.  Rum Son's trade was HVAC repair, so I guess that made it handy.

NOTHING ever went to the curb without first going through next door.

We had a dead washer.  It was totally dead, the repairman said it would cost more to repair, than just getting a new one.  So we bought the new washer and called the City to arrange pick up of the broken one.  If you call, they send a truck around on a designated day and pick it from the curb, so you don't have to have a  broken appliance sitting curbside and being an eye sore.  I called and was told when to have the washer curbside.

A day or so before, we pulled the thing out and dropped it at the street.  By that evening the washer was gone.  I just thought they had come early and picked it up.  Until I looked and saw the washer sitting in the driveway next door a couple of days later.  So I had called the City and they showed up to find no washer.  That was a great use of city funds.

Of course, Rum Son had to come over and tell me that they had dumpster dived my washer.  I mean who comes over and says, 'I rifled through your junk and took stuff.'  It's downright creepy.  Makes you wonder if they open the trash cans too.  Anyway, seems their washer was broken and he wanted to see if he could fix it with ours.  I told him, good luck, the repairman said it was beyond fixing.  Rum Son assured me he could fix anything.

That washer sat next to the garage door for weeks.  A couple of times, it actually looked like someone was working on it.  But most of the time it sat with other piles of junk, rusting in the rain.  I guess eventually they gave up and toted it down to the curb, where it sat for several weeks before the City came to pick it up.

From that point on, nothing was ever delivered that we didn't arrange for a haul away of the old item at that same time.  I just didn't want to see it out the front window for a couple of weeks.

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