Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Creepy! I mean seriously Creepy!

I just had a run in with RumSon.  I had opened my garage door to get the mail/paper and bring the recycling bin up from the street.  MG kitty decided it was too hot outside, so he followed me in.  I noticed his water bowl in the garage was nearly empty, so I brought it inside and refilled it.  By the time I walked back out, RumSon was in the driveway, about 6 feet from the inside of my garage.

We have yard tools and such just inside the garage door, so I immediately got suspicious.  He was on his cell phone, well it was to his ear.

He tells me that the electric company had just installed a new meter and he was wondering if they gave us the same one.  He's staring at it, sort of....I explained that ours is broken, the old one burned up and we are awaiting them to come replace the meter.  He then told me the lightning was really bad the other day.

Then he starts explaining his meter.  Which frankly I didn't care.

And I was saved by his phone call going through and mid sentence with me, he starts talking to the person on the phone.  I did not want to sit and listen to his call so I said Later and walked inside.

I watched him walk back to his house from the front window, empty handed.

Dammit I never have had to worry about leaving the door open for a little while, now I am wondering if he is coming over to see what we have in the garage so he can borrow it.

The same way they borrowed our yard day they'd ask to borrow it...3 days later it would show up at our back door.  They'd ask again and 4 days later it would come back.  Eventually, it just stayed at their house.  Last time I saw it was this past winter filled with wood.  That was right after they had cut the tree up on my property.  I joked with Ed and said we should go get the wagon, it is ours and most likely so was the wood.

I am trying to stay humorous about the entire situation, but it gets harder and harder to do so.

By the way, the garage door is now closed again...even though I am leaving for work shortly.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Random Meme on a Sunday afternoon

I follow a lot of groups and pages on Facebook that can only be described as 'extreme fandom'.  Which means I have a FB page filled with pointless and random crap that can only be described as filler.

Mash ups that have no relevance:

Just in case you wanted to know Martin Freeman is about a foot shorter than Jared Padalecki
 Screenshots with the dialogue typed on the picture:

Just in case you forgot what they said...
 Then there is this...

I mean, what the hell?

So I guess what I am perplexed the most is why anyone would bother with doing this at all...Now I love me a Schrodinger Cat or anything from some ecards:
Yep, had those days
 But seriously, why and what is this:
Doctor #9 and a couple of random dudes?

and don't get me going on the shit passed around supposedly from George Carlin's Mouth:
What the Fuck people, I didn't say that?
 Is the need for attention so great, that just having your meme go viral make you feel special?  I'm at a loss.  Maybe this is why....

Good night everybody, I'm here all week!