Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Probably going to hell

Because of my work, I spend my drives to and from, in complete silence.  Years ago, I'd drive to work with my own personal soundtrack to face my days in News.  Think "Eye of the Tiger".  But now, sitting in a room with 20 computers...and their fans, numerous satellite receivers and yes still a few tape decks, also all running with fans and the best part, the massive air handlers for the building above my head, it is a very noisy place before I even add the volume from 2 station's programming.  I adore that few minutes of silence before I go to work and after I leave.

These zen moments truly make me realize, I am not normal.

For example, there is an old Chi Chi's Mexican restaurant I pass daily.  It has been numerous endeavors since the Chi Chi's closed, currently it is a church.  And because of that and what I think every day passing it, I am going to hell.

When it first opened, I thought as many delicious Margaritas as I drank in that restaurant (ok in the bar) I probably sighed a few "oh God's" while I was in it is only fitting it is a church now.  Yes, I know.  Hell.

Then we get to the name.  CREPA.  Christ REsurrection Power Academy.

Who doesn't think of some sort of Religious Power Rangers going out on the street, forming in a giant Jesus on the Cross to fight evil?  Yes.  Hell.

Then I figured they were a group that performs exorcisms.  "The Power of Christ compels you!" said the old priest in the Exorcist.  Which if you think about it does sort of fit in with the Power Rangers idea...I mean who would be a better exorcist...screw that Old Priest and New Priest stuff, call in the CREPA!  Yes, I am currently creating my own ring of hell.

But these are the types of things I think about on my silent drives to and from work.  Of course most of this comes on my drives home.  I love driving home.  Not just because the day is over and I get to take my bra me that is a good thing, but because at 1am, there are rarely people on the road.  Which means I can drive and zen without the constant, "what the hell is that guy doing"  "Whoa, turn signal dude"  "What the hell asswipe" interrupting my lovely thoughts of giant evil fighting Jesus rangers tackling Satan in a throwdown on the Arlington Expressway.

For the record, I am certain that the people from that church are wonderful and lovely people and I do not mock them.  I just have a very strange imagination.