Sunday, August 11, 2013

Random Meme on a Sunday afternoon

I follow a lot of groups and pages on Facebook that can only be described as 'extreme fandom'.  Which means I have a FB page filled with pointless and random crap that can only be described as filler.

Mash ups that have no relevance:

Just in case you wanted to know Martin Freeman is about a foot shorter than Jared Padalecki
 Screenshots with the dialogue typed on the picture:

Just in case you forgot what they said...
 Then there is this...

I mean, what the hell?

So I guess what I am perplexed the most is why anyone would bother with doing this at all...Now I love me a Schrodinger Cat or anything from some ecards:
Yep, had those days
 But seriously, why and what is this:
Doctor #9 and a couple of random dudes?

and don't get me going on the shit passed around supposedly from George Carlin's Mouth:
What the Fuck people, I didn't say that?
 Is the need for attention so great, that just having your meme go viral make you feel special?  I'm at a loss.  Maybe this is why....

Good night everybody, I'm here all week!

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