Thursday, January 17, 2013

Palin vs "Boo-eee"

Palin was one of my very large cats.  He came to us by way of the Surly Contractor, our neighbor on the opposite side from Dead Mama.  During a cold snap, this little white kitten was on a job site, so he brought him home and locked him in the garage.  Surprisingly, (not) the kitten burst from the garage and went up a tree.  Ed came home to find the man trying to swoop the cat out of the tree with a pool net.  Ed stopped him and went inside, got a can of cat food and opened it.  Down the tree the kitten came and Ed volunteered to take care of him.  White cat #3.

When Dead Mama and family first moved in, they had a small, white yappy dog.  Now don’t get me wrong, I may own lots of cats, but I am a fan of dogs, specifically nice, polite, well-trained dogs that will slobber on you and wag their tails.  Dead Mama did not own one of those dogs, she owned a creature that would run down the driveway barking, be it in your yard, a car, a bike, didn't matter...the dog challenged everything.
Now usually someone would come after the dog calling its name, I have no idea how it is spelled, I just know what it sounded like…”BOO-eee!”   And we heard it often, as someone would come charging after the dog calling his name and reassuring you that he was nice and wouldn't bite…as he was snarling 3 feet from you, 15 to 20 times a day.

It was particularly annoying to my Father’s 2 Miniature Pomeranians, who like my Father, were living with us for a short time.  My Father’s dogs were brother and sister, with the girl dog being far more outgoing, dominant and protective.   “Boo-eee” loved them, but was much bigger and play usually went into fighting very fast, especially with Dad’s girl dog.  Our dogs never went outside without someone with them, unlike “Boo-eee” who sometimes was outside, unchained for hours.  But then again so are the humans in that house, outside and unchained. 
One lovely day, Dad’s dogs and several of my cats all came outside for some sunshine and play.  We came to the front yard, because no one was outside next door, particularly “Boo-eee”.  My cat brood completely accepted our dogs, I think primarily because all the cats were bigger than Dad’s dogs.  I think the Dogs accepted the cats, because they were outnumbered and out-sized!  Palin loved ‘our’ dogs exclusively and would get very upset when the dogs became agitated. 

About 10 minutes in to our respite, the ever familiar yapping started from next door and Dad scooped up both dogs, while I herded cats back into the house.  Dad’s girl dog started barking immediately and vigorously upon the sight and sound of “Boo-eee”.  As was usual, Rum Son started walking over calling, “BOOO-eeee!”  At that moment, Palin streaked across the yard towards “Boo-eee”.  I suddenly had flashes of me in the Vet’s office with a mangled cat, so I started running after him.  I think “Boo-eee” was surprised by this streaking white animal and stopped dead in his tracks, just in time to have Palin leap on his back.

Barking turned to squeals and “Boo-eee” turned around and ran back towards his house…with my cat riding him like a cowboy.  I literally stopped in my tracks and stared.  As “Boo-eee” approached his humans, Palin decided enough was enough and jumped off.  He walked back to us, puffed up and stiff legged, tail up in the air and meowing.  He stopped at my Dad and looked up at the Dogs, as if to say, “There, took care of that bastard” and walked back into the house.  All the humans started laughing.

“Boo-eee” was fine, not a scratch on him, however he rarely ran over into our yard barking after that.  Palin, on the other hand was impossible to live with for months.

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