Saturday, March 16, 2013

I swear this was going to be about cats....

Original blog story
I was laughing this morning because every time I opened a window, both cats had to come sniff the air out of that window.  Like it was different.  So I was taking pictures at the windows as I opened them.  Pirate always looks at me...but the Rat Bastard Bitty Cat (unofficially his name, General is what the Vet's office calls him) is actively sniffing the most recent window opened.

That's when I saw RumSon talking to a man in their driveway.  I could not see any car in the yard, so it caught my attention....especially when it was obvious the man was in a dark uniform, something like a badge on his chest.  I saw Crazy Woman hightailing it to the backyard, so I went outside and looked for a car, expecting to see a white one with lights on the roof.

The Man!
As I suspected, in the street is a Police Car.

He only stayed a few minutes and then slowly drove around the cul-de-sac and out of the neighborhood.

Sorry, through a dirty garage window
Crazy Woman was fugitively sneaking around the back of the house to look for the cop after he left.

So either she is completely off her meds and violent (they always call the cops when she is in that state) or Dead Mama died and they are calling it in to the cops.  I more expect the former, over the latter, simply because Crazy Woman was so furtive.

If it is any indication, we'll be seeing lots of police cars in the near future.

I really had a funny cat story for today....

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